Monday, May 31, 2010

late night - need help

so many people needing help so many animals needing help -
sometimes I just sit here as tears fall like rain - yet there is love in
this world and therefore hope -

Blessings to you my friends - May
your soul find harbor in the safety of loving kindness!

May your spirit be lifted upon the wings of the noble eagle
to fly free and high above the weight of the world!

1 comment:

  1. - so much suffering and tragedy - starving children - violent crime - women and children abused - animals tortured and wholesale slaughtered -- like the world is a gaping bloody wound -- sometimes - no that's not true more often than not I sit here and try to force my mind away from the despairing that is all around - the sadness the horror - i try to focus on hope and love - still the trears fall and my soul heaves a heavy sigh

    hoping to have hope and striving to stay loving toward all - maybe i am crazy -- ha ha - (not funny)