Thursday, February 25, 2010

it never stops

Everyday - all day - pain -- physical - emotional - mental - bleeding into each other -- feeding on each other. It’s always there - like a close friend with bad intentions.

My back; hips and joints screaming at me all day – pills well – they work for awhile –can function half assed when they’re working well.
All the years I spent breaking my back for what; a handful of dollars that barely paid the bills.

At least I have my friends and most of all my dogs. Now there is a girl we will see how that works i think it will be a great thing; it already is.

I feel so bad that I cannot play with my dogs – they deserve to have someone play and run with them and wrestle around a little bit.

I haven’t the energy besides I hurt to bad – I try – I pay for it later but I try to play with them, at least a little. They love me so much and I try to love them the same – but you cannot match the love of a dog – so far as I can tell – it is more than the love of any “God”


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